Hill of Airth

Sustainable Development By An Experienced Local Team

The Hill of Airth is a unique locale in many ways. It is an £18 million investment in the village of Airth, providing housing to cater for residents aged 55+. The vision we have is: to improve and enhance connections between the historic village of Airth and The Pineapple; to deliver construction jobs and apprenticeships; and to create a showcase for local manufacturers as well as to offer full and part time positions within the Pineapple Visitor Centre itself.

Throughout the Falkirk area there is a severe shortage of homes to accommodate the requirements of people over 55 years of age. We believe that this site of 82 variably priced bespoke bungalows, built by local tradesman using locally sourced and sustainable materials, will offer a community feel in an easily accessible environment. We will also construct a cycle path that encompasses the whole development as well as linking the site to the village of Airth itself.

The ethos of ‘The Hill of Airth’ is to celebrate and improve visitor access to the Pineapple as an historic attraction and help to further boost Airth’s economy in the same way that the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel have done for other parts of the region.

By combining the housing development and Pineapple visitor centre we believe that our ‘Hill of Airth’ proposal offers a unique opportunity for the village of Airth, creating sustainable jobs whilst improving facilities for both locals and visitors.

Our Vision

New jobs during construction and once the centre is operational.

High quality training provision for young people from Airth

Community facility linking Airth to The Pineapple and new Visitor Centre

Designed for residents aged 55+ thus enabling potential downsizing options

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Location and Proposed Site Layout