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Building on the feedback and support previously expressed to our proposals, George Russell Construction Ltd are proposing to increase the number of bungalows associated with The Pineapple Visitor Centre. These proposals build on the support previously expressed for the Visitor Centre and make it possible to improve site accessibility, construct a roundabout access and contributions towards other Falkirk Council priorities.  All bungalows are aimed towards residents in the age group fiftyfive plus.

Site Layout & Design Concept

The proposal is to site the Visitor Centre with its associated car and coach parking on land between the A905 and the driveway to the Pineapple. The Visitor Centre is then only a short walk to the Pineapple making this an attractive and easily accessible destination to encourage visitors to stay longer in the area. The development of bungalows sits on the west facing side of the ridge which runs parallel to the A905, not visible from the road. A new roundabout junction and re-alignment of the B9124 not only provides access to the Visitor Centre, but also provides an improved standard of road serving the development of bungalows. Due to the semi-rural nature of the site, landscaping will form an important part of the setting of both the Visitor Centre and bungalows. Airth itself is a picturesque historic village and the wider natural landscape is noteworthy. It is intended that low-key but high-quality building forms are adopted taking their cue from local vernacular from the village itself and surrounding rural agricultural buildings.

The Visitor Centre

Designed as a single story pitched roof building with traditional materials and proportions echoing the agricultural building forms typical of the area. Natural stone walls to front and side elevations and hipped natural slate roof will set the building in the landscape and, along with its own well-designed landscaping and planting, will minimise visual impact from further away. The entrance to the cruciform plan layout leads directly to the information / exhibition space then onwards to arts and crafts workshop and restrooms. Supporting café and retail areas with large glazed openings look out towards the River Forth. The café is located in the south west corner of the building allowing a sunny outside seating terrace adjacent to the new pedestrian link leading to The Pineapple. Further indicative imagery and an indicative floor plan can be viewed here.

The Bungalows

The eighty-two single storey detached bungalows are laid out in a low-density layout with sufficient open space and perimeter planting. Vehicular access is taken from the reconfigured B9124 with pedestrian links to all local services. The bungalows will have white harling walls with recon stone features and red pantile roofs reflecting local styles. The single-story aspect and perimeter planting will minimise any visual impact on the surrounding area. Gabled roofs and separate garages will help create a traditional and varied roofscape typical of the area. Further indicative imagery of the bungalows together with indicative floor plans can be viewed here.

Hill of Airth

New jobs during construction and once the centre is operational.

High quality training provision for young people from Airth

Community facility linking Airth to The Pineapple and new Visitor Centre

Designed for residents aged 55+ thus enabling potential downsizing options

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