Our Vision For Hill Of Airth

Building a New Future

It has become evident in recent years that there is a severe shortage of homes for families to ‘downsize’ to once family members have moved out and other than moving to a flat or shared accommodation options are acutely limited. We are catering for this market by proposing to build bungalows for residents in the age group fiftyfive plus. We aim to bring sustainable growth and prosperity for the existing families and business in Airth without creating pressure on Airth Primary school.

The Pineapple Visitor Centre

We will create a safe and welcoming access to the Pineapple in lieu of the heavily potholed existing access.  Our proposed floorpan of the visitor centre will include a coffee shop/deli and separate gift emporium selling regional fresh produce and locally made or sourced gifts.  However the paramount attraction to the centre will be an area exhibiting the in depth history of the Pineapple as well as the village of Airth.  There will be designated coach and car parking spaces available and also sheltered bike storage units.

Local Jobs, Local Apprenticeships

There are numerous ways in which this project will provide jobs for the surrounding community. Firstly from the initial construction stage we will be hiring additional workforce for the site itself, as well as sourcing our materials from regional suppliers. We will also offer annual apprenticeships with George Russell Construction, an opportunity for Airth village school leavers to get involved in a community project as well as gaining qualifications and mastering a trade alongside our highly skilled employees. We seek to create 35 local construction jobs and up to 20 full and part time positions when the visitor centre is fully operational.

Cyclepath and Walkway

We will also be creating a cycle route and walkway which will offer direct access to the Village of Airth itself as well as connecting to already established routes in the area. We truly believe that by linking the development to the village in such a way will be of great benefit to not only residents but to the community as a whole.

High Quality Homes

As a family company we take pride in our builds and the workmanship used to create our homes. We plan for longevity not only in the aesthetics of our houses but also through careful selection of materials and floorplans whilst also offering sustainable energy efficient homes. We are proud of having established a reputation for the quality finish produced in each house, raising our bar against competitors. George Russell Construction are already proprietors of the land. This means that we are free of the constraints often experienced by other house builders – namely to squeeze as many houses into the site as possible. Our vision for Hill of Airth is for the site to remain rural in character whilst still retaining the feeling of being part of the community of Airth.

Hill of Airth

New jobs during construction and once the centre is operational.

High quality training provision for young people from Airth

Community facility linking Airth to The Pineapple and new Visitor Centre

Designed for residents aged 55+ thus enabling potential downsizing options

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Please tell us what you think of our proposals for Hill of Airth. We’re inviting people to join the discussion and make comment on what we’re proposing. We’re really keen to hear what local people think so if you can please spare a few moments to complete the feedback form on this website.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.